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Karlsson Says Cooke Meant to ‘Knock Out’ But Not Cut 


karlsson300x180FEBRUARY 22, 2013 — OTTAWA — Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson told the media today that Pittsburgh forward Matt Cooke did not mean to cut his Achilles’ tendon with his skate.  Karlsson questioned Cooke’s intentions, though, painting a less-than-rosy picture of the situation that precipitated his grim injury.

“He (Cooke) knows exactly what he is doing out there,” Karlsson said according to the Canadian Press. “That is why I am sitting here with leg in cast.  I don’t think he did it on purpose.”

The 2012 Norris Trophy winner says that while the season-ending injury wasn’t Cooke’s intent, the Penguins forward isn’t innocent, either.

“He meant to hit me hard and knock me out.”

Karlsson underwent surgery to repair his partially-severed Achilles’ on Wednesday, Feb. 13.  He suffered an estimated 70% tear, enough to end his 2012-13 campaign.  The injury, while severe, is not viewed as insurmountable and Karlsson is expected back next season.

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